By Dr Annette Naudin, Birmingham City University In Spring 2016 I was involved in the evaluation of the RE:Present programme, a new initiative aimed at emergent and established cultural leaders/ producers and artist/leaders from diverse backgrounds who are currently underrepresented in Birmingham. RE:Present arose out of a series of informal discussions instigated by Assistant Director, […]Continue reading

I spent the last few days writing the annual impact assessment report for our ongoing Checkdesk: Developing Citizen Journalism in the Arab region project, and only finished it yesterday night at around midnight. While doing that, I kept thinking of this post and of the launch of our brand new Impact Blog; what should my […]Continue reading

Between 2012 and 2015 I was involved in a major research project examining the relationship between the creative endeavours of individual citizens and the creative economy. The search for the ‘Creative Citizen’ led the research team to take a closer look at the development of ‘hyperlocal’, community journalism. From the outset, we thought about how […]Continue reading