Post by Nona Wyld ASTONish is a programme that looked at cultural leadership and creative entrepreneurial training for emerging and established artists. The programme concluded with a symposium analysing the successes of the programme and challenges that arose. Participants talked about their experiences, their work and how they plan to move forward following the programme. […]Continue reading

In November and December 2017, we ran two impact workshops, ‘Planning For Impact’ and ‘Gathering Evidence of Impact After the Fact Workshop’. This was in recognition that people might come to discussions of their project’s impact at different points in the life cycle. These were attended by a variety of researchers and academics from the […]Continue reading

By Dr Annette Naudin, Birmingham City University In Spring 2016 I was involved in the evaluation of the RE:Present programme, a new initiative aimed at emergent and established cultural leaders/ producers and artist/leaders from diverse backgrounds who are currently underrepresented in Birmingham. RE:Present arose out of a series of informal discussions instigated by Assistant Director, […]Continue reading