I spent the last few days writing the annual impact assessment report for our ongoing Checkdesk: Developing Citizen Journalism in the Arab region project, and only finished it yesterday night at around midnight. While doing that, I kept thinking of this post and of the launch of our brand new Impact Blog; what should my […]Continue reading

Between 2012 and 2015 I was involved in a major research project examining the relationship between the creative endeavours of individual citizens and the creative economy. The search for the ‘Creative Citizen’ led the research team to take a closer look at the development of ‘hyperlocal’, community journalism. From the outset, we thought about how […]Continue reading

Research impact has received increasing attention by governments, funding agencies as well as individual researchers. Research within ADM has always been energetically outward facing and continues to engage closely with its collaborators in, and users of, its research. Impact from ADM arises from the work conducted across its four Units of Assessment. With our strong […]Continue reading