Impact at ADM

Impact at ADM

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Research impact has received increasing attention by governments, funding agencies as well as individual researchers. Research within ADM has always been energetically outward facing and continues to engage closely with its collaborators in, and users of, its research. Impact from ADM arises from the work conducted across its four Units of Assessment. With our strong public-facing ethos, our research generates cultural, intellectual, aesthetic and economic impacts, with significant international as well as national and regional dimension.

The strength and reach of our impacts have been generated largely as a natural outcome of the research itself rather than as a response to an external agenda. It is being nuanced more strategically by faculty policy to seek pathways to impact as a proactive part of project planning.

Research within ADM integrates approaches from the arts, humanities and social sciences and we have been particularly assiduous in building research projects with partners from outside academia that complement our own expertise. We see the impact of research as integral to the design and implementation of all our work and projects.

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